Applicable field
Hardware manufacture, construction and decorating installation, sheet metal factory, chemical pipeline maintenance.
Adopting advanced IGBT Inverter technology, compact, low loss and high output.
Adopting the design of high-frequency boost arc and pulse thermal arc, arcing success rate 100%
Advanced digital control program, improve dramatically the reliability of the welding machine, and meet welding process requirement to a greater extent.
Welding current sufficient, excellent cost performance.
With 2T/4T function, easy to weld, high welding efficiency.
Dual functions of TIG and hand welding
Power grid applicable range (AC187-253V), high power grid adaptability, sustained high load, suitable for long time continuous factory work.
Higher no-load voltage design, easy arc, small splash, stable arc, beautiful shape
Fast and all round heat emission by adopting high speed fan, high duty cycle, over-voltage, over-current and overheat protection
ItemTIG 200Accessories
Input voltage220V±15%1. TIG torch with 5m cable;
2. Earth clamp with 2m cable;
Rated input power(KVA)5.8
Current adjust range(A)20-200
Current at 60% duty cycle(A)190
Current at 100% duty cycle(A)147
No-load voltage(V)60
Power factor0.93
Insulation classF
Protection classIP21S
Dimensions(MM)445*265*340TIG Welding Machine suppliers

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