Product Introduction
This access is ergonomically designed to facilitate testing and disinfection of adults, children, the elderly, the disabled, wheelchairs and pets. The fully automatic intelligent control design greatly reduces the workload of human operation and monitoring, reduces the security pressure, and greatly reduces the work risk of past personnel in high-frequency contact with public areas.

Technical Specification
TypeSD-PNF-D02Hand  disinfection typeIndependent  area induction spray type, disposable ,disinfectant
Working  VoltageAC220VThe length  of temperature channel64cm
Rated  power900 WHuman  induction modeMicrowave  detection
Working  environment0~35鈩?/p>Body  temperature sensing methodInfrared  spectrum,(Precise, real-time & live detection)
Equipment  materialCold  rolled steel plateBody  temperature collection distance10-20cm
Disinfection  methodAutomatic  induction sprayBody  temperature collection positionForehead,  inner wrist (Contactless)
The length  of spray channel116cmBody  temperature collection accuracy卤 0.5鈩?at room temperature
Fog making  wayUltrasonic  atomizingBody  temperature detection timeBody  temperature detection time
Spray  control methodMicrowave  induction start, delay stop, 4 fog outletsBody  temperature collection range34~45鈩?/p>
Spray  efficiency3-6Kg/HDisinfection  tank capacity20L
Spray area  protection methodAnti-stick  PVC door curtainSpray  disinfection waiting time5-15  seconds recommended
Disinfectant  type100-400PPM  diluted solution of chlorine dioxide, 200PPM diluted solution of hypochlorous  acid
Core Component: Temperature Measurement Face Recognition System
Temperature measurement of infrared ray and sound-light alarm
This equipment is fixed with high-precision industrial infrared spectral sensors, it can achieve the purpose of non-contact measurement of body temperature which is fast and reliable and avoid the cross infection .
Function Highlight

Big Data Platform For Epidemic Prevention
COSMOPlat "Intelligent management platform for epidemic prevention" provides accurate epidemic information management and analysis services for governments, enterprises, communities, schools, and individuals at all levels, and supports intelligent temperature collection, data statistical analysis, intelligent  identification of ID cards, and staff / students Health punch-in,  itinerary inquiry  and other  functions.
鈼?nbsp; Key data such as attendance and travel
鈼?nbsp; Statistical analysis chart of body temperature and personnel
鈼?nbsp; Records consultation of personnel passing
鈼?nbsp; Abnormal historical data tracking
鈼?nbsp; Real-time warning of people gathering
Product Type
Enterprise customized version
鈼?nbsp; Contactless face temperature measurement,  atomization disinfection
鈼?nbsp; Real-time analysis, intelligent early warning of personnel gathering
鈼?nbsp; Punch-in by face connecting with employee attendance system
鈼?nbsp; Multi-dimensional data statistics, automatic data upload
School customized version
鈼?nbsp;  Customized camera height and channel width
鈼?nbsp; Multi-point flexible control, three-dimensional security of campus
鈼?nbsp; Mobile terminal operation, convenient and rich campus applications
鈼?nbsp; Establish database  by relating students' health records

Hospital customized version
鈼?nbsp;  Fast scanning and contactless detection to improve screening efficiency
鈼?nbsp;  Fast mobile deployment with no dead ends
鈼?nbsp; Can be connected to big data centers of major hospitals
鈼?nbsp;  Cross-system linkage analysis to assist epidemic prevention and control
Letter of AuthoritySmart Healthcare price

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